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Archive for March, 2007

Have a Fair Trade Easter

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Fair Trade Easter EggKeeping on the theme of helping people in Africa, why not buy Fair Trade chocolate this year and enjoy Easter knowing you have helped the world continue its journey to stop exploitation on cocoa plantations. All fair trade chocolate has been purchased from the farmer under the Fair Trade rules which means the farmer has received a fair sum of money for the bags of cocoa beans.

Many chocolate companies are still exploiting African workers and leaving them with little reward for hours spent manually working in the fields. If we all buy Fair Trade chocolate this year we could help to prevent this from happening.

You can buy Fair Trade chocolate from many different companies, this Divine Chocolate Eater Egg looks absolutely divine! also check out Ethical Superstore for more Easter eggs and chocolate ideas.

Send A Rabbit

Friday, March 30th, 2007

rabbits-icon.JPGThis Easter give an Easter gift to someone who really needs it. The Send A Rabbit scheme is sort of like adopting an animal, but here, rather than the aim being to help an endangered species survive through donations, the aim is to help provide poor rural families in Africa with useful animals which they can farm and breed. Offering them a chance to develop a self sufficient food supply and even a farming business.

Rabbits might not be your typical farm animal but they are a surprisingly good choice of gift to get a farm started in a barren land. Easy to look after and quick to breed – rabbits are a joy to farm. Their meat is full of protein, their droppings a great fertilizer for soil and they can be farmed on a very small piece of land. Send a rabbit in the name of a loved one this Easter and they will receive a cute easter bunny gift card as well as the knowledge that their present is being used to start a business and feed a family. It costs only £50 to send four rabbits and a hutch, which is plenty to start a thriving farm, so donate now!

Paperchase Easter Ideas

Friday, March 30th, 2007

easter-card.jpgPaperchase have a huge range of easter gifts this year. My favourite item from their easter collection is a cute felt chick bag – I’d love to receive this filled with chocolates and other little easter things such as Paperchases’ easter badges and cute fluffy mini chicks.

There is also a happy easter card which matches the bag. If you are looking for something to decorate a table these furry easter ornaments are an idea – but in my opinion they are a bit freaky looking!

Easter Nyokki Grass Pets

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Easter Nyokki Grass PetsHow cute are these little eggs; they are known as Nyokki Pets and could make a great gift for someone trying to avoid chocolate over the Easter holiday’s. Handmade in Japan, the egg-shaped pets are filled with rye grass seeds that grow into full length hair in just two weeks, once the hair has grown you can style it using ribbon or chop it off and watch it grow back again.

The eggs themselves are ceramic and their legs are made from fabric so they can be placed on a side and their legs will dangle over the edge; they could sit on your kitchen windowsill and really brighten up the room. Have fun with the characters, styling each one with a different up-do! Choose from Froggie, Chickee, Monkey, Piglet, Kitty or Bear, two Nyokki Pets come in the set and you can buy from

Bunny Girl

Friday, March 30th, 2007

bunnygirl1.jpgIs your girlfriend on a diet this easter? Well don’t fret there are plenty of cool Easter gifts that don’t involve chocolate. One of my favourites is this cute bunny outfit from

I would definitely rather get something fun like this than loads of chocolate, although a bit of chocolate would be nice too! In fact if I was given this I would probably be inspired to throw an easter costume party complete with egg hunt.

If the girl in your life is a bit to shy to wear the full outfit, these bunny ears, only £3.45 from Kitsch are a great alternative.

'Chocolat Chaud' For Easter

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I’ve always wondered why my home-made hot chocolate never tastes as good as when I buy a cup in a classy chocolate shop. How do they make it so creamy and delicious? I came across this French Hot Chocolate Pot Gift Set today and answered my own question – I’m definitely going to buy one of these little pots and see if I can create my own delicious ‘chocolat chaud’ from the comfort of my home.

The traditional French design has a wooden whisk in the lid and a wooden handle to hold on to, and the shape of the pot is really cute and petite – I can just imagine offering this to my guests on a silver tray with classic fine-bone china teacups, well if I was posh and rich I would anyway!

A 300g box of the finest Organic Drinking Chocolate by Prestat is included in this set, which is made with flakes of organic chocolate with 60% minimum cocoa solids. Mmm I can almost taste the chocolate melting in my mouth … what a fab Easter pressie this would make!

Available for £29.95 from Gift Inspiration

World's Largest Easter Egg

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

World’s Largest Easter EggWhenever Easter comes around I often wonder how big the biggest Easter egg ever made would be. Well this year I decided to find out and found it at; I feel utterly jealous of anyone receiving a gift like this.

The egg was made by Belgian chocolate producer Guylian who is also responsible for those unbelievable tasty Belgian Seashells. It took over 50,000 bars of chocolate, 26 people and 525 hours to build; in the end it measured 8.32 metres high entering the Guinness book of records. Now that’s what I call an Easter egg!

Ultimate Easter Gift Basket

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

This really is the Ultimate Easter Gift Basket! Packed full of delicious chocolates, marshmallows, M&M’s, Jelly Beans, Twizzlers, candy eggs … not to mention the 15” Easter Bunny that’s completely pose-able – what a treat for a relative of any age this Easter! A dollar bill is included in one of the plastic eggs to kick of the Easter egg hunt and pencils are included to encourage younger children to get creative.

I was pretty upset to discover I couldn’t get my hands on this here in the UK, however I managed to find a similar gift basket from Ripe Gifts that comes with a microwave-warmable Easter Bunny! The basket also comes with yummy treats such as Belgian white chocolate and hazelnut pralines, egg-shaped Easter candles and Simnel cake steeped in French brandy. This basket wouldn’t be suitable for young children, but would make a great gift for a special relative. I love the microwave-warmable Easter Bunny!!

British Summer Time Begins

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Clock FaceIn case you didn’t already know, the clocks went forward an hour last night and today is the first day of British Summer Time. Finally I can drive home from work in the light again!

Let’s now hope the weather warms up so we can start having BBQ’s as soon as possible.

Happy Eggster!

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Happy Egg!Easter is truly my favourite time of the year as I am a serious chocoholic! There is so much to choose from; the choice just gets bigger and better every year.

I love all chocolate but there is something about cracking open an egg with your teeth! I have been looking for something a bit special and found this lovely ‘Happy Egg’ on filled with luscious smooth pralines in milk and white chocolate. How can you not smile at these happy little faces! The best bit though is that the shell is extra thick; great to sink your teeth in to! It is pricey at £18.00, but their chocolate doesn’t contain nasty additives, it’s made from authentic, wholesome ingredients so you get what you pay for.

Hotel Chocolat have been around for about 10 years and started out with just a catalogue based business and then opened their first shop in 2004. They run a Chocolate Tasting Club where you try out new chocolates every month… yummy, sounds like heaven! Check out their website for loads of good ideas for special people and occasions.