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Ultimate Easter Gift Basket

This really is the Ultimate Easter Gift Basket! Packed full of delicious chocolates, marshmallows, M&M’s, Jelly Beans, Twizzlers, candy eggs … not to mention the 15” Easter Bunny that’s completely pose-able – what a treat for a relative of any age this Easter! A dollar bill is included in one of the plastic eggs to kick of the Easter egg hunt and pencils are included to encourage younger children to get creative.

I was pretty upset to discover I couldn’t get my hands on this here in the UK, however I managed to find a similar gift basket from Ripe Gifts that comes with a microwave-warmable Easter Bunny! The basket also comes with yummy treats such as Belgian white chocolate and hazelnut pralines, egg-shaped Easter candles and Simnel cake steeped in French brandy. This basket wouldn’t be suitable for young children, but would make a great gift for a special relative. I love the microwave-warmable Easter Bunny!!

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