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'Chocolat Chaud' For Easter

I’ve always wondered why my home-made hot chocolate never tastes as good as when I buy a cup in a classy chocolate shop. How do they make it so creamy and delicious? I came across this French Hot Chocolate Pot Gift Set today and answered my own question – I’m definitely going to buy one of these little pots and see if I can create my own delicious ‘chocolat chaud’ from the comfort of my home.

The traditional French design has a wooden whisk in the lid and a wooden handle to hold on to, and the shape of the pot is really cute and petite – I can just imagine offering this to my guests on a silver tray with classic fine-bone china teacups, well if I was posh and rich I would anyway!

A 300g box of the finest Organic Drinking Chocolate by Prestat is included in this set, which is made with flakes of organic chocolate with 60% minimum cocoa solids. Mmm I can almost taste the chocolate melting in my mouth … what a fab Easter pressie this would make!

Available for £29.95 from Gift Inspiration

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