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Easter Nyokki Grass Pets

Easter Nyokki Grass PetsHow cute are these little eggs; they are known as Nyokki Pets and could make a great gift for someone trying to avoid chocolate over the Easter holiday’s. Handmade in Japan, the egg-shaped pets are filled with rye grass seeds that grow into full length hair in just two weeks, once the hair has grown you can style it using ribbon or chop it off and watch it grow back again.

The eggs themselves are ceramic and their legs are made from fabric so they can be placed on a side and their legs will dangle over the edge; they could sit on your kitchen windowsill and really brighten up the room. Have fun with the characters, styling each one with a different up-do! Choose from Froggie, Chickee, Monkey, Piglet, Kitty or Bear, two Nyokki Pets come in the set and you can buy from

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