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Send A Rabbit

rabbits-icon.JPGThis Easter give an Easter gift to someone who really needs it. The Send A Rabbit scheme is sort of like adopting an animal, but here, rather than the aim being to help an endangered species survive through donations, the aim is to help provide poor rural families in Africa with useful animals which they can farm and breed. Offering them a chance to develop a self sufficient food supply and even a farming business.

Rabbits might not be your typical farm animal but they are a surprisingly good choice of gift to get a farm started in a barren land. Easy to look after and quick to breed – rabbits are a joy to farm. Their meat is full of protein, their droppings a great fertilizer for soil and they can be farmed on a very small piece of land. Send a rabbit in the name of a loved one this Easter and they will receive a cute easter bunny gift card as well as the knowledge that their present is being used to start a business and feed a family. It costs only £50 to send four rabbits and a hutch, which is plenty to start a thriving farm, so donate now!

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