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The Most Personal Gift You Can Give!

DNA ArtworkHere’s a gift idea that you can guarantee they don’t have already! A piece of modern art presenting their own personal DNA. You can even choose the colour it’s produced in as well as the size it comes in. It’s a very cool idea using very new technologies that combine science with art.

In short, you swab your mouth, send it off, it goes through a process of reading your DNA, it gets printed onto a canvas, and then all you need to do is hang it on the wall!

They also offer the DNA CODE – this is a crystal block with your unique generic code etched by laser into the centre. Check out for more information.

2 Responses to “The Most Personal Gift You Can Give!”

  1. Liisa Says:

    This is sort of old news no? There are several companies doing this including and , still cool to see.

  2. Frank Scolaro Says:

    Hi there

    There are other companies that offer this but we are the only ones that personalise it.

    We can add extra traits such as the alcohol gene, male/female chromosone and also blood type. We can also offer two peoples DNA juxtaposed on one portrait. A great wedding gift.

    We also have a showroom in the UK and offer a UK quality control guarantee. But yes, we were not the first in the world but the first in the UK.