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Can You Cut Out Meat For a Week?

halloumi-tomato-2.jpgToday is the beginning of National Vegetarian Week – a week to consider the health, lifestyle, moral and social benefits of going veggie! The National Vegetarian Society have some great tips for enjoying a meat free life and have some yummy recipes invented especially to celebrate the week. Check out the recipe for a delicious Creamy Watercress and Blue Cheese Pasta. You can even call 0161 925 2000 for a free recipe booklet.

Apparently there are environmental benefits to avoiding meat, such as the fact that it takes less water to grow vegetarian foods and farm animals give off more greenhouse gases! If going veggie or going green is something you feel strongly about, this week is a perfect opportunity to make a donation to the society to help them promote vegetarianism, you can do so on their website. Or even better, you can try being a vegetarian for just this week, and you never know you might never want to go back to eating meat.

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