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National Epilepsy Week

epilepsy.jpgIt’s also national epilepsy week this week. Each year the week has a special focus and this year it is ‘epilepsy and employment’. The week aims to raise awareness of the condition amongst employers and ensure sufferers are given a fair opportunity in the recruitment process and at work.

Epilepsy Action suggests that we can help the cause in a number of ways; We can ask our MP to raise the issue in parliament. So far Chris McCafferty MP has presented an Early Day Motion in parliament. This is a sort of petition which members of parliament sign to show their support of a cause or issue. They suggest that we should ask our MP to sign this motion by writing to him or her.

We can also attend one of Epilepsy Action’s Local Branch Days held at shopping centres and libraries to find out more about eplipsy. This week if you are in Scotland you can take part in a fundraising walk or check out the events page for more fundraising activities later in the year all around the UK.

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