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Keepsake Boxes

kb1015.jpgI was clearing out my wardrobe the other day and i found so many old tickets, programmes, cards and invitiations that i couldn’t bare to throw away because of the memories attached to them. My mum suggested i put them in a photo album which i though was a really good idea but some of the things, like the scroll they gave me on graduation day, wouldn’t go in because they were not flat! I was about to give up and stuff everthing in a bag and put it back in the depths of my wardrobe when i thought about getting a keep-sake box. These boxes are hand made and are much sturdier than a shoe box. They are a great solution because now i can have some smart boxes to separate my nik nacs and they even look good enough to keep them on display. I hope they do one big enough to contain the road sign i collected from my first ever music festival!

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