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Art Cards

1731.jpgIt’s funny how a hand-made gift or card always makes it look like more thought has gone into the gift even if you don’t make it yourself! I always find that my friends appreciate hand made items a whole lot more than mass produced shop bought cards which come with ten layers of plastic wrapping. Next time you feel like passing on your best wishes skip the boring white cards with metallic prints and pick up one of the unique designs from Noo noo-art . They are decorated using everything from metal to fabrics!

The cute baby card pictured is one example of the cards made by Noo noo (so called because her baby nephew couldn’t say her name Lou!) – the cards can be personalised with the new baby’s name and colours of your choice. You can also get a range of individual cards and gifts to celebrate other occasions. Noo noos cards are more like a piece of art work than a simple card and are something you definitely wouldn’t want to throw out the day after your birthday.

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