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Need Help With Your Wedding Speech?

WeddingIf your big day is approaching but you’re yet to have prepared a speech, I have found a website that could be your life saver. has thousands of ideas, jokes and templates that can all be used in your speech whether you’re the bride, groom, best man or father of the bride. If you want to produce a memorable wedding speech then simply scroll down the pages to see what topic you want to mention and you will find an array of sentences that will either get an “aaaawww”, “hahahah” or “ooohhhhh”.

This quote is my personal favourite from the Groom speech section: “I think you’ll agree that Linda looks stunning in that magnificent white dress. I feel so proud and honoured to be married to her. And of course, I can at last say: my dish-washer matches my fridge!” – I can imagine this one being used very frequently.

This one is also brilliant: “To allow us to contribute to this celebration, Linda worked out a budget – I had to stop eating and she cut herself down to thirty phone calls a day”. If you want humour at your wedding, this site is a must see!

One Response to “Need Help With Your Wedding Speech?”

  1. Barry Says:

    From my own experience when I was asked to be a best man, I thought yes what an honour but then, oh no, the speech. Luckily I could write poetry, so I wrote a poem and also luckily I hit the jackpot, it went down a storm, it was perfect and I had accolades all night from lots of guests and photographers. So I created my own website to help other guys and it has been very successful and I am so lucky to have had so much superb feedback from guys who were clearly quite nervous. The beauty of a personalised poem is the fact it is personal, you can read it, and given time to practice, it can be delivered in a meaningful way and last but not least, you don’t have to let on it wasn’t you who wrote it!! But the real beauty is it is a comfort to the best man in case of emergencies; panic attack, too much to drink, etc. So if anybody wants help, I would be delighted to help out, just check out my website (