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First Night of the Proms

BBC PromsThe BBC Proms is London’s two month long informal music festival and it begins this weekend! With 72 concerts as well as other events such as talks and workshops, the proms are a great place to get your first taste of live classical music. The name Proms comes from promenade where the audience stands in the promenade area of the hall. This is considered today by many as the best place to view the concert but don’t worry there is plenty of seating in the Royal Albert Hall so you don’t have to stand through an hour long concerto if you’d rather not! The fact that there is no dress code and the tickets can be easily bought on the day adds to the informal and accessible nature of the concerts. The Program consists of popular pieces mixed with less well known works so its a great opportunity to explore new music even if your a music connoisseur.

The festival kicks off on Friday with a performance of British composer Elgar’s most famous piece, the concerto for cello in E minor, as well as a short overture by William Walton. After the interval is a performance of the rousing “ode to joy” symphony by Beethoven. The first night of the proms is an exciting event which shouldn’t be missed, especially when tickets are only 7- 36 pounds! Keep an eye out for more prom news as the season’s progresses!

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