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Paint Your Own Tent – Half Price!!

paintedtent.jpgIf you are going to Cream this year or anywhere that involves camping out the must have novelty is the “paint your own” tent.

I’ve lost count of the times that I have been lost on a packed festival campsite. Finding your tent amongst a sea of similar looking tents is hard enough at the best of times let alone when you are traipsing back at dusk after enjoying a day of ‘festival culture’.

Millets have kindly solved this problem for us by providing us with a blank white canvas and six tubes of coloured paint. You can paint your design on the day before the festival and let it dry overnight or it might be more amusing to leave it till you’ve pitched up on site and already consumed the alcohol that was supposed to last you all weekend.

The tent is now reduced from £80 to £40 and measures 220 x 210 – plenty of room for two people. Painting on “Free Love” or “Alterative Porta-Loo” is warned against on the packaging.

One Response to “Paint Your Own Tent – Half Price!!”

  1. jenny hoare Says:

    please can you tell me where to get a paint your own tent?!?! xxx