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Essential Viewing at the Fringe

71250_experimental_5.jpgIf you are lucky enough to be at the Edinburgh fringe festival this week, there is one show not to be missed. A giant tent has been pitched up by Argentinean dance troupe Fuerzabruta behind the Ocean terminal shopping centre.

Inside is a spectacular display of circus tricks and special effects, but the highlight of the performance is the dance show taking place on a raised swimming pool. The audience stand just inches below the transparent floor of the pool and look up as dancers slam themselves on the floor of the shallow pool creating shapes and movement, and slide across the pool at high speed narrowly missing each other by centimeters. The show is exactly what you’d expect from a dance company who’s name means “brute force” in Argentinean. Its an exciting and sometimes scary experience for the audience as the pool seems like it could shatter at any moment and come caving in on everyone but of course its perfectly safe.

The show lasts approximately 1 hour and there are two showings per evening on most days until September. Visit the official Edinburgh Fringe website to book

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