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For the Geek in your Life

lg-caffeine-mug.jpgOk so its not quite time to think about Christmas presents just yet but I’ve found the perfect place to get gifts for…..well all of my friends. I’m really excited about finding this website I think I might be able to get my entire Christmas shopping done in one day. The site in question is called Think Geek and sells t-shirts, gadgets and other random stuff that would suit all types of geek…they even do stuff for potential geeks!

Some of my favourite items include “I void warranties” tshirt, the ,“I see fragged people” tshirt and the “I’m with genius” t-shirt. I’m sure that this will actually make people think you are smarter than you are. I also like the caffeine molecule coffee cup and the “There’s no place like” door mat, Even your mum might appreciate those gifts.

One Response to “For the Geek in your Life”

  1. Ed Says:

    It’s all about those error 403 knickers!