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Bored of your Baubles?

mcf15p.jpgWe all have different styles when it comes to decorating a christmas tree. My flatmate Alex insists on having the tree all one colour – red. We have red lights, red baubles and red tinsle. Our fairy isn’t actually red, she’s white, but we stick a red light up her skirt and that solves the problem. As Alex is the one that pays for all the decorations, goes to get the tree and puts it all up, we don’t argue.

While some love the pristine look of the trees that you see in department stores I prefer a more haphazard homely sort of tree…. I like to fill it with decorations that I have collected over the years because they were cute or quirky or passed down from my great great nan. I usually don’t pay much attention to where it all goes either.

This makes for a bit of an eye sore of a tree but it is certainly interesting. Each ornament has its own story. If you want to create a more individual tree this year you could start with purchasing some original hand blow glass ornaments. I found some cute new additions for my tree from Mrs Christmas this year. I love the 1920’s style Pinocchio and the unusual ‘mouse that snored’. Get a variety of different ornaments that you will treasure for years to come and you will look forward to putting up the tree that little bit more each Christmas.

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