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Glastonbury Festival 2008

Like V Festival and the Carling Festival, Glastonbury Festival will be returning this year and will hopefully be better than ever.

Glastonbury LogoThe festival will happen on the weekend of the 27th, 28th and 29th of June 2008 but to be in with the chance of acquiring a ticket you must register online between the 1st of February and the 14th of March 2008. This is due to a successful system that began last year to combat ticket touting. A good thing when you think how much tickets have been sold for in the past. Last year saw some great acts take to the stage including the Arctic Monkeys and The Killers.

Visit the Glastonbury website in February and register to be in with the chance of purchasing a ticket that will go on sale on the 6th of April 2008. You must upload a photo as each ticket will feature a photograph of the person registered to it.

One Response to “Glastonbury Festival 2008”

  1. David Says:

    The line up for the Glastonbury Festival this year in particular wasn’t all that great. Pretty much every band, especially the ‘new I wanna be hip’ bands, sound the same. There doesn’t seem to be much variety in music anymore, just the usual band wagon that comes around every so often when one exceptional artiste finds ‘a sound’ that everyone likes, then everyone else copies it.

    Doesn’t anyone else think that it’s weird how the new bands that sound the same, all seem to come out of nowhere??

    The only half decent ones that I could see were Kings of Leon and The Verve. Which in itself is a mystery, wasn’t it Richard Ashcroft who said that under no circumstances would he ever consider re-forming band???

    hmmm, one ponders.