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Franz Porcelain Goldfishes

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

fz00425.jpgIts very easy to find gifts for cat and dog lovers but there is almost nothing out there for someone whose best friend is a goldfish! Being such a person I was excited to discover this tableware range from Franz Porcelain. I think its so cute and unusual. Anything from the range would make a great Christmas gift for a fish lover or anyone with quirky taste.

The cup and saucer with spoon is a great stand alone item or it can be bought as part of a tea set. This would look good on display but is suitable for everyday use as well. I also love the organic shape of the small goldfish vase and the goldfish tea pot. You can order any of these items online at

Free Champagne!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

812054_champagne_chin_chin.jpgPlanning a celebration? Well I hope you’ve remembered the champagne – its an essential ingredient to any celebration no matter how small. might not be the usual place that you think about buying your champagne from but it’s a great place to pick up a couple of good quality, reasonably prices bottles.

At the moment there is a buy two get one free offer on Louis de Custine champagne so you can afford to invite an extra guest or two!

Father's Day Whisky Gift Set

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Whisky SetIf your dad is a bit of a Whisky drinker but you want to get him something a little more special that just a bottle from the supermarket then Marks & Spencer’s have this great Whisky Gift Set ideal for Father’s Day.

The set includes a bottle of Invery Single Highland Malt and two glasses so you can join your dad for a few! The set costs £32, more than a bottle from ASDA but he’ll see that you’ve put much more thought into the present. The bottle and glasses come neatly packaged in a blue box so you don’t even have to wrap it up.

Buckets of Love

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

giftinspiration_heart_champagne_bucket.jpgIf you have an anniversary coming up and are planning to cook a romantic meal for two don’t forget the finishing touches! Little things such as candles, flowers and place cards show that you have gone the extra mile in making an effort to make your loved one feel special. Ditch the usual table cloth and go for a crisp clean white one instead. This needn’t cost a fortune you can get a lovely jacquard tablecloth for only £8 from Woolworths!

Instead save your money to splash out a bit more on feature table peices. If you are looking for something cute and kitsch this heart shaped champagne bucket, complete with Louis Dornier & Fils Champange is the perfect extra. Get it from Gift Inspiration for £37.95

An Alternative Gift List

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

alternative-gift-list.gifGift lists are always a good thing to set up when you have a special occasion coming up. Apart from making sure you get something you actually want, they make it so much easier for the people buying the presents –people are likely to thank you by getting you a better gift for taking the hassle of traipsing round the shops. But gift lists are only a great idea if you know what you want! I know loads of people that genuinely can’t think of anything they need!

Well I found a great solution for all concerned. The person who is celebrating can set up a list of charitable gifts at The Alternative Gift List. Here they have a chance to list various charities and tangible gifts for each charity that can be bought on their behalf, such as 200 condoms for the Terrance Higgins Aids Trust. Don’t worry no-one has to suffer weird looks in their local Boots – the gift giver just makes the donation and the charity buy the condoms for you and send them to where they are needed. Other gifts include Physiotherapy for 2 polio and civil war victims for one month or a clef lip palate operation. Gifts on the list range from about 10 – £200 pounds check out an example gift list here.

Your Life in Hardback

Monday, June 4th, 2007

photobookandclosedtin.jpgI’ve seen a lot of adverts around for personalised photo books recently. I think they are a great modern take on the photo album. The idea is that you send in a selection of your favourite snaps and they are turned into a classy coffee table book. The books are hard backed and properly bound. They are made using high quality paper and the photos are treated for red eye, date stamp removal and are restored to ensure they look like they are straight from a publishers printing house.

The books even come in a personalised presentation box or tin. These books are a wonderful idea to celebrate an important life event such as a wedding or christening. I think they would be a great gift to give to someone on returning from a holiday, a book displaying what you got up to is so much better than a postcard or a tacky souvenir. They start at £49 for an A5 sized book and you can order one from

Send Someone Back In Time

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

If you know someone who has just about everything money could possibly buy and you’re stuck for what to buy then this present is unlikely to be something they’ve already got. Probably best for older generations (who’ll appreciate it more), a real newspaper from the day they were born will take them back in time – who else can compete with a pressie like that!

Choose any date in the last 100 years and receive an original newspaper that has been carefully stored away until now. Just be careful they didn’t have a mum like mine, who actually kept the newspaper from the day I was born! Apparently the headline read 3 million people unemployed – let’s hope whoever you buy this present for had a more exciting first day alive!

You could also use this present for other special occasions such as your wedding day or just a memorable day. Available for £35 from Buy A Gift.

The Most Personal Gift You Can Give!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

DNA ArtworkHere’s a gift idea that you can guarantee they don’t have already! A piece of modern art presenting their own personal DNA. You can even choose the colour it’s produced in as well as the size it comes in. It’s a very cool idea using very new technologies that combine science with art.

In short, you swab your mouth, send it off, it goes through a process of reading your DNA, it gets printed onto a canvas, and then all you need to do is hang it on the wall!

They also offer the DNA CODE – this is a crystal block with your unique generic code etched by laser into the centre. Check out for more information.

Scrummy Chocolate Fountain

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Chocolate FountainIf you enjoy hosting parties throughout the year and like people coming to your house then why not really spoil your guests by treating them to a luxurious chocolate fountain. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement party or just a get together with your friends, a chocie fountain could really get the party started.

For my 21st birthday I borrowed my boyfriend’s Mum’s fountain and we used dairy milk, mmnmnnnm! We chopped up pieces of banana (my personal favourite), strawberries, grapes and marshmallows and arranged cocktail sticks on a plate. My guests were delighted and the kitchen was rarely empty! If you’re on a diet then this probably isn’t the best idea; the chocolate gets lovely and warm and is extremely addictive.

If you would like to purchase a chocolate fountain, there is one available at Prezzybox for £39.95 – trust me it’s totally worth it.

Own a Piece of the Moon

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The MoonApparently you can actually buy an acre of land on the moon and give it to someone as a gift. Maybe a little outrageous for a birthday present but if you know someone interested in astronomy; imagine how much they would appreciate this idea.

I think it’s a fantastic scheme and definitely something I would look into participating in myself. As well as owning part of the moon, you can also order land deeds for planets Mars and Venus, there is even a range of novel space related gifts to accompany your acre.

The gift pack includes the lunar deeds, constitution and bill of rights, lunar site map to show you where your property is located, a transcript of the Declaration of Ownership and all the appropriate documents so you can prove the land is yours! The gift is available at for just £16.75 per acre and would make a unique, personalised gift for any special occasion.