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Father's Day Whisky Gift Set

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Whisky SetIf your dad is a bit of a Whisky drinker but you want to get him something a little more special that just a bottle from the supermarket then Marks & Spencer’s have this great Whisky Gift Set ideal for Father’s Day.

The set includes a bottle of Invery Single Highland Malt and two glasses so you can join your dad for a few! The set costs £32, more than a bottle from ASDA but he’ll see that you’ve put much more thought into the present. The bottle and glasses come neatly packaged in a blue box so you don’t even have to wrap it up.

Personalised Mugs

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

bg-690.jpgThese clever mugs are an excellent gift for all the family. They are thoughfully personalised, not in the boring way of displaying a name or starsign but in a more useful and original way by displaying how you take your tea or coffee!

I think my dad would really appreciate this for Father’s Day as he’s a complete caffine addict. He must drink about 20 cups a day, and he’s always bribing the family to make cups for him. I’ve made him so much coffee that I’ve got his preferences indellibly engraved in my mind forever so i don’t really need to make reference to this mug, but this would be a great gift for him to take to work and leave in the staff room for when it’s some other poor persons turn to be his coffee slave! Get them from born gifted.

An Alternative Gift List

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

alternative-gift-list.gifGift lists are always a good thing to set up when you have a special occasion coming up. Apart from making sure you get something you actually want, they make it so much easier for the people buying the presents –people are likely to thank you by getting you a better gift for taking the hassle of traipsing round the shops. But gift lists are only a great idea if you know what you want! I know loads of people that genuinely can’t think of anything they need!

Well I found a great solution for all concerned. The person who is celebrating can set up a list of charitable gifts at The Alternative Gift List. Here they have a chance to list various charities and tangible gifts for each charity that can be bought on their behalf, such as 200 condoms for the Terrance Higgins Aids Trust. Don’t worry no-one has to suffer weird looks in their local Boots – the gift giver just makes the donation and the charity buy the condoms for you and send them to where they are needed. Other gifts include Physiotherapy for 2 polio and civil war victims for one month or a clef lip palate operation. Gifts on the list range from about 10 – £200 pounds check out an example gift list here.

Own a Piece of the Moon

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The MoonApparently you can actually buy an acre of land on the moon and give it to someone as a gift. Maybe a little outrageous for a birthday present but if you know someone interested in astronomy; imagine how much they would appreciate this idea.

I think it’s a fantastic scheme and definitely something I would look into participating in myself. As well as owning part of the moon, you can also order land deeds for planets Mars and Venus, there is even a range of novel space related gifts to accompany your acre.

The gift pack includes the lunar deeds, constitution and bill of rights, lunar site map to show you where your property is located, a transcript of the Declaration of Ownership and all the appropriate documents so you can prove the land is yours! The gift is available at for just £16.75 per acre and would make a unique, personalised gift for any special occasion.

Gift Idea For The Brave!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I’m terrified of flying so just the thought of jumping out of a plane makes my heart race and my palms sweat. However if you’re looking for a unique gift for a daring friend or relative, perhaps for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas … or any other occasion, a skydive could be perfect to get their adrenaline pumping (or you could just give this to a relative you’re not too keen on?!).

After a terrifying 25 minute plane journey to reach the required altitude, the skydiver must then look down at the 7,000ft drop into which they will freefall at speeds of around 120-mph. Reassuringly they will be strapped securely to a qualified instructor, however that would still never convince me to do this!! You can choose the jump from Cumbria, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Aberdeenshire or Devon.

Available from Smart Gift Solutions for £249.

Photo Mouse Pad

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Why not remind your mum every day just what a great son or daughter you are – this Photo Mouse Pad will never let her forget how much thought you put into her Mother’s Day pressie, – and how could she ever be angry with you if a cute photo like this was staring up at her?! If your mum uses a computer a lot for work this would make an ideal gift.

Personal Creations lets you upload a photo on the website so you get to see exactly what the mouse pad will look like before you buy – what a great service for just $9.98! If you’re mum’s not such a big computer user there are other personalised gifts available including a photo tie and mug! This would be a great gift not only for Mother’s Day but birthdays and Christmas too.