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A Date For Student Vintage Lovers

Monday, October 8th, 2007

The Affordable Vintage Fashion presents The Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair. Held in just the North of England these one off events are quite simply heaven for fashion lovers as a selection of stalls will sell the coolest, retro clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Think 40’s, 60’s and 80’s style, perfect for the quintessential, vintage chic who loves one off creations!

The fairs will be held at Leeds Met Student Union on Friday the 5th of October, at Stylus, Leeds University Union on Sunday the 7th of October, at Sheffield Hallam Union on Saturday the 13th of October and at Manchester Met on Friday the 9th of November. Entrance costs just £1, visit for more information.

Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Right dads, put your feet up and relax it’s Father’s Day. Get the kids to do your dishes, bring you tea and wash your car while you sit in and watch the Grand Prix – come on Hamilton!

Calvin Klein Belt Box Set

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Calvin Klein BeltDad’s always need a new belt so here is a nice Calvin Klein design that I found on the Ernest Jones Website. The stylish calf leather belt comes with two different clasps and is neatly packaged in a box so if it’s a Father’s Day gift you don’t even have to worry about wrapping paper! The belt cost £50.

Mobile Office

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Mobile OfficeIs your dad a bit of a workaholic? Does he rush about between clients, loose paperwork and spend a lot of time in the car? If so, then I have the ideal Father’s Day present for you! This mobile office from Red Envelope is a great way for your dad to keep all his paperwork together, it includes a flip-out desk, mini portfolio, mobile phone pocket, pockets for paper and files and a number of compartments for all his necessities.

The mobile office is available at for $58 and you will need to order before 16th June to ensure the gift arrives before Father’s Day. I think this gift is a great idea for any working dad.

Father's Day Whisky Gift Set

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Whisky SetIf your dad is a bit of a Whisky drinker but you want to get him something a little more special that just a bottle from the supermarket then Marks & Spencer’s have this great Whisky Gift Set ideal for Father’s Day.

The set includes a bottle of Invery Single Highland Malt and two glasses so you can join your dad for a few! The set costs £32, more than a bottle from ASDA but he’ll see that you’ve put much more thought into the present. The bottle and glasses come neatly packaged in a blue box so you don’t even have to wrap it up.

Personalised Mugs

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

bg-690.jpgThese clever mugs are an excellent gift for all the family. They are thoughfully personalised, not in the boring way of displaying a name or starsign but in a more useful and original way by displaying how you take your tea or coffee!

I think my dad would really appreciate this for Father’s Day as he’s a complete caffine addict. He must drink about 20 cups a day, and he’s always bribing the family to make cups for him. I’ve made him so much coffee that I’ve got his preferences indellibly engraved in my mind forever so i don’t really need to make reference to this mug, but this would be a great gift for him to take to work and leave in the staff room for when it’s some other poor persons turn to be his coffee slave! Get them from born gifted.

Clinique Skin Supplies Moisturiser Set

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Clinique Skin SuppliesIf you think your dad deserves a bit of a pampering this Father’s Day then you could treat him to a men’s gift set from Clinique. This set includes Liquid Face Wash Regular Strength 40ml, Face Scrub 15ml and Maximum Hydrator 50m which all comes in a grey and orange wash bag. It would also make a great storage bag if your dad travels a lot.

Clinique have a whole variety of products for men and gift sets range from £21 to £74 so they have something for all price ranges. This set is for men with Normal to Dry Skin but they also have a Normal to Oily skin moisturiser set. See the Clinique Website for further information.

Golf Ball Cleaner

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Golf Ball CleanerIf you’re really stuck for something to get your dad this Father’s Day and he’s into golf then you could get him this golf ball cleaner from Next. Ok so it’s not the greatest gift you could give your dad but let’s face it, they’re really hard people to buy for so at least this is a practical gift that he will probably get a lot of use out of.

All you need to do is insert any standard size golf ball into the transparent plastic area and place the top on, the motorised bristles will then clean off any dirt and your dad can’t blame his dirty golf balls for his bad round! The cleaner can be filled with water and washing up liquid to really get the balls sparkling clean.

This golf ball cleaner costs £13 and is available on the Next website.

20% Off Silverstone Ferrari Experience

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Silverstone FerrariWould your Dad want to drive a Ferrari 360 at Silverstone – Britain’s F1 Grand Prix venue? I know mine would and now there’s a possibility that he might since they are currently offering the day out for £175. Drivers who go on this experience day will learn the racing lines and be given tips by an instructor, they will then test the track out for themselves in a Lotus Exige. After 4 laps in the Lotus they will take the wheel of the Ferrari.

Once in the Ferrari 360 the driver will get 4 laps to test the power of this fantastic racing car. This once in a lifetime gift is available at and you will need to order before Tuesday June 12 to ensure your dad receives his voucher before Father’s Day.

Water Bomb Launcher

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Water Bomb LauncherIs your dad a bit of a big kid? If so then this could be the ideal Father’s Day present. It is a water bomb launcher that slings the balloon 120 feet into the air and this can be achieved by just one person. Imagine the scene in the garden if you had a few of these, adults rolling around the floor trying to launch their water bombs first. Summer is on its way and if your dad is into BBQ’s with his friends then this could make one hilarious afternoon. It looks like quite good exercise as well!

The launcher made by WildSling and costs just £11.95, about 150 balloons are also included with the set. Available at Prezzybox.